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I'm going to install some red, green and blue floodlights but would like to eliminate some of the clutter of installing one of each color at each focus point.

I've seen some RGB LED floodlights on eBay but they require a remote to change the color.

Are there any RGB floodlights that can be controlled without a remote?

What is the best option?

When using LED floodlights, what would be a good choice to light up 10ft wide section from 10 ft away or so? 20W, 30W?

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I just built 4 of these to replace 2 of each color reguLar floods. http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Flood-Light-p/171.htm.

Just played with them a little and they seem to do as well, but I have a dark colored side on my house. Got the housings at Northern tools on sale for 10.00 each.

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I make my own, originally using 4 10W leds, RGBW. I'm switching to a new led this year, a 20W RGB led with a seperate 20W W. You do have to have heat sinks for these, they get very hot!

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I have around 6 of the Floodlight Extremes from Seasonal Entertainment. They really did the job. Received approval from my wife to buy a couple more because she says it makes the house look "pretty". Don't know about that, but they certainly add another layered dimension into the display by aligning them along the front of the house, but positioned closer for uplighting the brick and stone.

1st year using them. Only had trouble with one of them so far. Got a really "hot spot" on some of the pixels, while others appear dimmer. I'll deal with it during a teardown once I get it out of the snow. Really have no idea what might be causing that.

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