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Holiday coro north star and LOR


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Probably the wrong forum but not knowing the hardware I'm more than confused. So thinking about adding the north star to a basic LOR setup. It appears I need ( other than a couple misc. adapters ) something called an Enttec Pro or Enttec Open. Huge price differences in those and I can't tell what is actually needed. I believe the north star has 8 DMX controllers. Guessing I also need LOR S3 advanced?

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The Entec devices are what you would need to get S3 speaking to your DMX controllers. The Pro version will take some load off of your computer. S3 will have to be set up to run the DMX stuff (yes, advanced), but that isn't hard to do. My advice for you is to hop on the DMX board and start reading through the threads that are relevant to your application. Holiday Coro also has a lot of info on their site to help get you up to speed.

There are other options for integrating DMX, and I am in the process now of trying to figure out what direction I want to go. I will be adding some Holiday Coro elements to my 2013 display, but a pixel conversion is looking very tempting to me and that could have some impact on how I decide to set the system up.

Hopefully that helps! At least a little...

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