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Before LOR system, I placed C9 LED along the roof line using clips and I had two really hard to reach areas. I tried every imaginable way to safely clip them, but ended up doing the Evel Knievel way without harness and just leaning forward on a downward pitch roof.

Since I will be running multiple strings, I need to figure out a safer way.

Front of house.pdf

Both areas are on the 2nd story and they're circled in the attachement. I can reach most of it but in these two particular areas, the roof is higher or the floor is too low.

The area on the left I can lie on the 2nd story roof (if need be) but I want to figure out an easier way, so I can work easily screwing tiewrap bases.

The area on the right is the hardest because I can't put an extension ladder on the perpendicular pitch, there's a tree on the right that doesn't permit me to use a longer extension ladder from the ground, I can't lie down on the 2nd story roof because I would roll and if I sit I have to lean forward on the downward pitch I can't reach much. I don't have a budget for scaffolding, I don't think a "little giant" ladder is high enough.


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