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Need recommendations on Video capture card


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I am in the process of looking at set up my camera system for doing streaming video for next year and need some recommendations please.

I see that a lot of people are using a DVR system for security as well as for their video feeds.

I have plenty of spare computer equipment laying around so I want to get a 4 channel video capture card (do not really need audio) and was hoping that there might be someone who is using a computer with a card rather than a DVR and could give me a recommendation on the brand/make of a good card to use.

I can't see ever needing more than 4 channels of video even if I do decide to use it for security as well as for the video of the display.

Also if anyone has a good bullet camera that they can recommend then that would be much appreciated as well.

Just seems that there are so many different ones out there now days that it is better to ask than risk getting a lemon right from the start - LOL.

So TIA for any help anybody can offer.


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