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Mini Show Director Sequencing/Triggers


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I own two of these but have only used a single show and one trigger. Based on the doco I do not think it will function the way I need it to for a Halloween project.

Can the device be configured to sequence through multiple shows through a single trigger connection?


Trigger 1 Close

Play Show 1

Trigger 1 Close (after show 1 completes)

Play Show 2

Trigger 1 Close (after show 2 completes)

Play Show 3

Loop back to show 1 on next closure.

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One trigger can only trigger one specific show, the mini director can't keep track of the number of button pushes (individual triggering events). If you can't accomodate separate triggering devices (multiple switches, pir's, etc.) you could run a micro- controller that could be programmed to count events and then set separate outputs on / off as needed to trigger the mini director inputs.

I used this format on an "elevator" prop where I needed different things to happen when the same button was pushed. You would need a controller that has at least 3 outputs (such as a prop-1 from EFX-TEC) and can be programmed through a computer. (don't think a button press unit could do it)

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