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The E1.31 stuff is working great guys! Thanks! Large pixel count sample.


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Here's LOR S3 (3.80) running over 1k pixels at very high speeds without any issues whatsoever. Many thanks to those that worked on this addition, it's performing quite excellently! (the snowmen in front have 134 pixels on each one of them, E1.31 out to Sandevices E681s to talk to them)

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Wow. That was excellent. Loved the snowmen, they're so unique. How are the snowmen set up? (As in what's the layout of the pixels?) Have you got any pictures of them up close?

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The snowmen are using TSL3001 based pixel strips, 32 pixels per meter, 32 ICs per meter, 5 vdc. There are 134 Pixels on each snowman with all of them connected to a Sandevices E681 controller.

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