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Question about Ray Wu RGB strips


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Ok, this year I need to direct some of my resources back into the house. Like remodeling the bathrooms. So, this is say a 2 yr in advance thinking. Here is a strip I am thinking of using with a 682 controller http://www.aliexpress.com/item/5m-led-digital-strip-DC12V-input-WS2811IC-256-scale-10pcs-IC-and-30pcs-5050-SMD-RGB/568458133.htmlNow this is 5 meters long, but for my arches I am thinking of the traditional 9 or 10 foot long. So, I would want to be able to cut off 2 meters leaving the 3 meters for the arch. Ok, now for the meat of the question. Can I splice together say 1 meter from one of those 2 meter sections. Onto a second 2 meter sections (plan to do 4 arches with left overs from 3 of them). And from what I think I remember the W2811 chips automatically address themselves, right? I am aware that there are a lot more addressing to be done with the board and within LOR. Just focusing on the smart strip at this moment. Remember baby steps. I am one of those who have to get my mind wrapped around one item or part at a time.


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You can splice and add to the strip to make them longer. The only thing to be aware of is power injection and total amount of channels. Each universe is good for 170 pixels. As long as you do not overcome that total pixel count in a traditional fashion you can add as many as you want. Also remember the E682 can do multiples of pixels per channel. So you can set that to say 2 (on this strip 6 LEDS) pixels per channel so you can essentially double the length but each output will be 2 pixels per effect if that makes sense. My arches are the exact same strip. I used whole strips to make 2 arches each. All of them are inside of 1 universe.

*edit The smart strips do address themselves in order, the first pixel is always #1 and they continue down the line to the end. I used 14 of those rolls on my house, the exact ones. Some were made shorter, many were made longer. My longest is 158 pixels, and thats a lot of small strips cut to fit the windows with wire to add the length of inbetween.

As well on the E682 you can run them out of different sockets to keep the effects flowing. Mine are setup on Universe 4 Socket 4-1 and Socket 4-2 As they are on opposite sides of my side walk, this helps me not have to crossover the sidewalk. Out of the controller 1 wire goes left, the other goes right around the sidewalk. I kept mine short enough were power injection at the strips wasnt needed. They are both a full strip and hold color well all the way to the end.

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