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Merry Christmas To You All ...


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I want to thank the members of this board. I have felt welcomed and have learned alot.

Seems a long way from my 6 channel Mr Christmas I have used over the past 10 years. I apologize for not completing many of the tasks i targeted (specifically, horizontal matrices).

My show has been working, i have 3 to 10 cars in the evening's. Maybe 100-200 cars per night, not too bad for a first show. On Dec 24th as i was preparing to go and perform at Church, the doorbell rang. When we answered there was a father with his 12 and 10yo daughters. They gave us a small, live tree maybe 12". They said it has been their tradition to pick one house in the Highlands Ranch area and award their prize for best Christmas lights. I felt honored that they chose us.

My wife and I have been wearing santa hats and giving out candy canes. We ask the cars what they like. Almost all the adults like the megatree best.

It does take some wind out of our sails that most of the kids have picked the mailbox that opens and has a letter to Santa. I purchased this at Home Depot 5 years ago. All this work and the kids pick what they like. I am happy they are enjoying themselves.


Next year will see a new generation of Nutcracker, there are many things I have planned (you will just need to wait and see).

Thanks for the support and wonderful shows you have put together.

Merry Christmas

Sean, Lilia, Dennis and Alex Meighan


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That's awesome Sean! I'm glad you have helped the lighting community as much as you have!!!

I myself will be setting up for pixels this year coming. May you have a Happy New year

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Merry Christmas Sean, glad you came to help with RBG setups in the fashion you did. Hope all went well with Christmas day and look forward to what you come up with next!

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