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Strong winds in Texas again...


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I live about 1/2 mile from an airport here in Tx. Just checked their wind speeds... Winds are holding steady speeds of 27 mph with 35 mph gusts. looked outside at the mini's and mega tree. All is well SO far... Praying I dont catch that jimswinder( :D ) christmas present we all regret getting... Show starts in 20 minutes......

Merry Christmas to you all from Texas. Hope you and yours are enjoying all the new gifts



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Can't report the same here in Huntsville. Our season is done. One of the Wunderground weather stations reported a wind gust here today about 3:30 or 4:00 at 74.7MPH ...

Took our Merry Christmas sign off the roof and slammed it into the display on the ground ... FORTUNATELY... no one got hurt.. I had just stepped out.. looked and it and walked back under the porch when the sign and all the ballast bricks came flying off...

Merry Christmas sign .. gone

MegaTree ... Rebuildable

Mini-Tree ... Replaceable

DMX/RGB mini North Poles .. 2 down .. Repairable

Yard Grid .. Only one section damaged (where the sign hit) ...

Morale ..questionable at the moment..


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We have the strongest steady winds of all, I'm convinced of it. Wind isn't even blowing until its 30mph and in the last 3 weeks we've had 4 days of wind at a steady 55 and gusts at 72-78. The entire display is built with wind in mind. I use 1/2 conduit driven at least a foot in the ground for everything in the yard and as tall as whatever the prop is. No problems this year!! Had a dumb strip blow off the roof, but that was 5 minutes to fix.

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Having a double whammy here, the snow has stuck to the arches, 14 ft mega trees, 10 foot tall wire frame 5 slice trees, and pixel half mega tree, adding considerable weight. Then add wind whipping the extra heavy strands around. So far, nothing has failed, but will see what happens over night. But, once everything froze, all the GFCI could be reset and stay running.

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