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CCP's work for a time, then stick

Steven H

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Got my CB100D DMX (pixels, not bulbs) up and running a couple weeks ago in good weather - above 40 F. All appeared to be working fine for several days. Then, a snow storm hit with the temperature single digit to twenty degrees F. Now, when the six controllers plus the one 100 CCP's (unit ID 10) come on, the number 1 pixel on both sides light up solid for its cycle which says it sees the Mini-Director. The CCP's will work for several complete song rotations, two out of three songs with the CCP's. Then all 100 will stick in a light configuration. Unplug and plug in, pixel one on solid for its cycle, to work again for several more 3 song cycles. The CCP's will stick in a different light configuration each time. Possibilities: cold weather (doubtful), transmitter antenna about 18" from the extension cord to the CCP's and parallels for about 5' - could RF be raising havoc with the CCP controller? With the M.D. - which had no problems before adding the CCP's? Moisture in the CCP box? (It is located in a dangerous location due to the snow) Any more ideas? Need more info?

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