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CCP mini tress

David Rise

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After all the string failures that I've had this year, I'm seriously considering switching some of my props to pixels. Mainly my mini trees. Maybe it's just me, but considering the $$ I spent on professional grade lights (even at sale prices), I would expect them to last longer than a season or two. It's not like they are constantly on and stay on through out the year. They go up for about 6 weeks per year and are on maybe a total of 2 or 3 hundred hours per season. It's getting to the point that purchasing some crappy store bought retail lights is the way to go or switch to pixels.

Looks to me like pixels would be more cost effetive, would that be the wrong assumption?

I like the fullness that the LED strings give to my mini trees. So I'm wondering if anyone has a video of come CCP mini trees. I'd like to see what they look like at night.

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