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My 2012 thank you thread


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Thank you: (in no particular order)

DougP at http://www.wireframedlites.com for making some awesome frames and amazing costumer service!

DougD for sharing your awesome sequences when I got stumped this year and throwing the TN mini at your house.

JBullard for selling me a new board this year and helping me out last year.

Beeiilll for helping me sort thru all the rgb strips out there earlier this year.

ItsMeBobO for making 2 of my most used software tools. The clip board flipper and Papagayo to LOR are amazing must haves!

JeffMillard for recommending RPM's e1.31 to dmx bridge. Working like a charm and fun to solder up.

edvas69 aka fasteddy for recommending the J1sys products and help setting them up. Been rock solid so far.

Dmoore for putting together all those rgb for dummies videos, would have been lost without them.

Sally Simpson for coming up with the singing trees, those things are awesome and the kids love them!

Everyone at DIYLEDExpress.com for shipping me out last min supplies because I highly underestimated what I originally needed.

Ed at j1sys for making an awesome product and coming to the TN mini so I could buy some.

If I left anyone off I apologize but thank you all for the help this year and for making my display a little BRIGHTER.

From my family to yours Merry Christmas!

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