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I need some help getting a good mix of upbeat music for my show for next year. I have plenty of TSO and Mannheim Steamroller. Anyone have any suggestions on some modern Christmas mixes or songs?

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My wife and I listen to different radio stations and work together to investigate ' New' songs through out the year that we like and will fit with the concept we plan for each year. Just listen and use what your style/message is and what fit's.

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I just found a great song to program.

Revenge of Carol of the Bells.

It's really different and worth the hunt on the internet to download it.

It is hard to get good upbeat songs,

I have just sequenced Little Drummer Boy, but by Ringo Starr.

It's really different and drive bys are liking this very much


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Christmas medley 1:

Christmas medley 2:

Sha-la-la remix:

Disco Jingle Bells:

High on Christmas:

R & B Christmas medley:

Christmas raggae:

Last Christmas remix:

Techno medley:

and of course Gangnam Style Christmas remix:

Some of these may need the intros deleted to get to the melody.

Some may need heavy editing to tighten things up.

Have fun next year.

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