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How to get Light-O-Rama controllers etc to work in the U.K


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Hello I am looking to sequence our christmas lights over here in the U.K but I am still unsure on how i would get the 240v controllers to work over here as we aren't lucky enough to have C6, C9 etc lights over here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Stevepk123 ,

There are a few of us using LOR in the uk , If you go on Facebook and search Light O Rama Users UK you'll find us.

Just ask to join the group and you'll get plenty of help there , As for the controllers themselves they are set up by moving a jumper on the board

its really easy. Dont worry about asking questions we all have to start somewhere and by the looks of your display your well on your way .

I only did a static display this year but have plans in place for next year already :)


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