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New here and hope to be here awhile, I was wondering if someone can tell me how long a timing sequence can be, i dont want to have my lights flash as much as for the most part have the house and trees change colour while being static for a couple of minutes say and then go thru a pattern of some sort and someday add sound at a later date. I havent bought a controller yet but I hope to if I feel I can understand the programming. I am a cancer patient with the joys of having MS. I have just lost my daughter a year ago and are in a costy battle for custidy for my seven year old granddaughter. I love the spirit that christmas invokes in people and even the idiots of the world are a little nicer. What better way to celebrate than lighting the world up a little bit. My family,friends and even people who turn around in my laneway [last house on road] love what i do static i would love to lor the place. Hoping the funds and brain levels will let me do this, well thanks for reading the ramblings of a heavily medicated christmas nut and may your heart grow times three on christmas day and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL .

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