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Servo Dog Issue or Power Issue


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Since I have my other Light-O-Rama hardware out, I thought I would take a look at my Servo Dog board that has never seen the light of day and has been sitting in the box for over a year. I have never actually tried it. I read the documentation regarding the product and I am unclear on whether the Servo Dog requires external power for its own operation or not. Not being clear I sort of expected that I could plug the board in using a CAT 5e cable of less than a foot in length, right after the USB485 adapter, and I thought I would see the red LED on the board blink or the board at least be recognized by the LOR hardware utility. Neither is happening at this point.

I've tried testing the Servo Dog as the only device and I connected it in a daisy chain with other LOR CTD16D devices as well. The other LOR devices are recognized and work, so this is a good indication that the connection and cable are good. The Servo Dog documentation seems to make it sound like an external power may be needed for the board itself and not just power over the Ethernet cable supplied by the USB485. It is a bit confusing to me as it also references the 10V DC on the RJ45 pin as well. I realize external power is needed to run any servos, but at this point I just wanted to verify the board would power on and that I could verify and set the unit ID and check the firmware version,

So here is my question is, does the Servo Dog board require an external power adapter just for itself to power on and be recognized by the hardware utility or does it sound like I have Servo Dog board issue? I'm hoping not the latter.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays,



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