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One controller not working - two working fine


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I've had my show working since late November without any problems. Tonight, when it started up, only two of the controllers were working. The controller not working has the green LED status light flashing (twice/second)as if it is not communicating with the computer.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I did:

- Checked the fuse. There is power to the unit and I checked the fuse with my multimeter.

- I did a jumper reset on the unit. During the reset, the LED flashed quickly. After the reset, it went back to the 2/second flashing

- I've used the hardware utility to search for the units. Two came up (Controller 1 and 3) but not 2. I manually typed in the second controller and it still didn't show up. Controller 2 has incoming CAT5 from Controller 1 and outgoing to Controller 3.

- I connected the CAT5 cable from the computer directly to the unit and took the other two units off. The hardware utility still could not find the unit.

The unit having problems is a CTB16PC. The other two units that work are one of the same (CTB16PC) and an older 8 channel unit.

Does anyone have other troubleshooting recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes...I switched between both ports. I am using a CAT5 cable. The show has been running since Thanksgiving with no problems.

I just unhooked the unit and brought it in; maybe some snow got in it so I have it drying on a vent. In a few hours I'll plug it into the computer in the house and see if I can get the handshake going.

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I am using CAT5 cables. And I did try both ports.

I just unhooked it and brought it in the house. With the snow/wind we've had, I figure drying on a heating vent may help. In a few hours, I am going to hook it up to the computer and see if I can get a handshake.

I'm at loss with this one...all the connections seem fine and the LED blinks green like it's ready to go. It just can't get the computer connection, even though the other two units can...and the bad unit can pass the connection through to the other unit(s) with no problems.

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Could be a COM chip failure. After you remove it from the vent, allow the controller to come to room temperature.

A chip failure happens when there's a short circuit in any of your data cables or there's been a large static discharge from who-knows-where. This can also occur on older controllers should you move any of the jumpers to the wrong place. Symptoms appear as a dead controller yet the 5 volt regulator and the transformer get pretty warm.

Here's an easy test. Plug in the controller for about ten minutes. Now unplug it so it's NOT getting power. Gently touch the top of the big black transformer in the center of the controller. If it's warm then everything points to the bad communications chip.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I plugged it in for 10 minutes (more like 15) then unplugged. The transformer was not warm.

I bought the unit during one of the sales this year and it was working great for 3-4 weeks.

I'm going to open a support ticket, although at this point, with Christmas almost here, I may just have to remap my sequences and make due with the other 2 controllers.

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