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At this time I have 3.14 advanced with superstar and after this years show I will be getting into the RGB programming. I know I am able to get so many free updates but what version do we feel is working the best at this time.

I drive four hours to fix any issue with the light show and I will be programming the GECE ( GE Color Effect ) for my roof line next year. Thanks in Advance for any information !!

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Hello to all here,

This is my 2nd year with lor running 4 lor boxes and now i want get into dmx rgb. i have been reading about what i need to do for this upgrade to my display.

the current software that i have is basic+ and i need to upgrade to advanced. my question is i have used 3 of the 5 seats to my license. when i upgrade to the advanced

software does the seats start over?


Merry Christmas to all !!!!

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