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turning static part of display On/Off with LOR


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Hi all .

I'm looking at trying to shut down certain parts of my static display for certain songs so I can highlight with RGB Floods certain other parts for some music ,

I was wondering if I used a relay that was linked to a LOR channel could I do this , I was searching through ebay/google for ideas when a light contactor/relay

kept showing up could I use something like this ...


Instead of the timer plug I'd run that to the controller and obviously the other to the mains feed , I realise im in the uk and using 240v but the principal will be the same for 120v

any help gratefully recieved



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You could use an LOR channel as a relay driver to trigger a high current relay for the rest of your display..

I do this quite a bit to "cheat" the number of channels I use. For example I have 8 trees on each side of my driver. There are 3 colors on each tree. So normally it would take 24 channels. I use 8 channels for the actual "show". then another 2 channels to trigger the relays. So for 10 channels of LOR I get 24 "channels" of control. Well kinda- you only get one color at a time-but it works very well. I do it on a number of other elements in the show.

Now getting something that is premade is not going to be easy.

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Using a relay or contactor is not a big deal with a controller. Just make sure the relay/contactor channel is on or off, no effects! I use a contactor on a channel to control security lighting and Christmas lights on the side of my house. Coil voltage has to be the same as the controller's channel.

I am not sure what is available in the UK, but finding a contactor shouldn't be hard, or real expensive.

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I use X10 to control 5 or 6 different circuits for static lights (none of them is loaded up anywhere near capacity). LOR all but doesn't support X10 directly anymore, so I use a CM15A interface with some command-line code in a .BAT file triggered by a startup (and shutdown) sequence to do the triggering. This also toggles on my projector via an X10 Universal module.

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Thanks for the replys guys , it sounds like i'll be able to do what I want then....(that'll keep the wife happy)....I'll have to get my electrical friend to pop round over christmas

and have a look at whats available here.

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