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Nutcracker: We are now on nutcracker123.com


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when you go to meighan.net/nutcracker you will now be redirected to nutcracker123.com/nutcracker

Without this change, we would run out of disk space later this week.

There is nothing you need to do, hjust log in.

I exported meighan.net at 12am MST on Dec 18th.,


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If anyone has an issue, here is how you get back to meighan.net


i will not be porting data from meighan.net again. If you edit anything there you will need to also enter it into nutcracker123

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I don't have a clue what my password is. There's no way to reset it.

I never put a button for resetting it. we now have 950 users, but not too many have asked for a reset. It is something that i will look at next year. The architecture of nutcracker will change with some new things coming.

As far as your password it was reset (along with every nutcracker user) on sept 12th to welcome. That was the day i implemented a much better one way encryption routine.

Follow these instructions for resetting your password.


I cant find the LOR post, it has rolled off many months ago.

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isnt working right now

but the old site is

Maybe a DNS server issue?

I have been on it for most of the day, i have not noticed any outage.

Is it still a problem? I am on it right now.

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