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CCF - very unusual artifact in Red


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I have 21 CCF heads in my show this year.

Every single one has a strange thing that happens only on the Red. Note that this is by no means a showstopper, but is most liklely something that can be addressed in a PROM update.

When I turn Red on instantly to 100%, it is instantaneously fully bright, but then ever so slightly "backs off" by a few percentages. I have no idea if it is actually overshooting, then backing off to 100% (current-wise), but there is definitely something perceptable going on and only with Red (or any color mix with Red). My concern is if it is truly going too high on current for a moment, shortening the life of the LEDs.

I have asked people watching the show to tell me if they see anything unusual with the flood brightness - without giving any other clue. About half will see it and every one says it's the Red. Whiel I saw it even when I tested my very first light indoors, it is much more noticeable when 21 are used against a house...

I don't know off hand what my Prom version or LOR SW version is, but when I started the show at Thanksgiving, I had the latest firmware and SW.

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