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Lesson learned - don't have 2 PCs sending commands to the same universe!


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Well, I finally got my pixel tree completed (this year's version), set up and operational today. I have been using my primary desktop for test various pieces and parts, so as soon as I got it fully in place I fired up this computer and tested it and it was working just fine. Then went into network preferences for the show computer and added the DMX universes (via E1.31), added the tree animation sequence to the evening show, restarted the show and went outside to have a look. It looked like SH#$. Lights were doing all kinds of things they weren't supposed to be doing. Started troubleshooting the show computer and could not find anything wrong. Task manager said I was only using 3% of the CPU time. Next I looked at the stats on the San Devices E682 and I was seeing massive numbers of sequence errors.

Then the problem dawned on me. I still had the LOR control panel open on the desktop so it was still sending DMX commands to the same 4 universes that the show computer was. Shut down the control panel on the desktop and the tree looked like it was supposed to!

So, the moral of the story is: Don't have 2 computers trying to send DMX commands to the same universe at the same time. And remember that as soon as LORCommListener opens (and you have E1.31 universes configured in network preferences) , it will start sending DMX commands - even if you are not actually trying to control anything.

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I dont care you are .. thats funny right there...

Actually sounds like something I would have pulled off .. Now I dont feel so alone .. LOL


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