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I have a D-Link PTZ camera on my home network that I have been trying to get to work at streaming video to my web page but with not much luck.

I would like recommendations on CCTV components from those who have installed them for streaming video and are having luck with it. I get the impression that most use some form of DVR security system with cameras and then some portal to get the signal onto computer unless you use a DVR camera card installed in the computer?

So who can give me some specs for a system that won't make me broke but will give me clear video for web viewing? Please.

I am really only interested in a single camera but the more that I look at DVR security stuff, I think maybe a 4 camera system would be better and then I could get some various angles of the display to put up.

I have had one recommendation so far for this system:


and then using a Pinnacle Dazzle:


to interface to computer.

How does this look to you all? Seems like a fairly simple and not too expensive way to go to me.

Thanks for any help.


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a system that won't make me broke but will give me clear video for web viewing

What is your budget? For some, a $2000 system won't "make them go broke"..for others a $50 system will...

The ones at COSTCO are pretty good...both in how they work and the value...I just bought one of their two camera systems made by Uniden (watching the show from 40 miles away right now)...but it did not come with a DVR, so not really a good selection if you also want the security aspect of recording. Uniden also have their own website for viewing it..but I would imagine there is better sites for streaming the video...

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