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neo neon leds

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Word is Neo Neon bought Diogen (Holiday Creations) and moved production to the Neo Neon plant. Many distributors fled due to the lower Neo Neon production quality (you can find this info on google). I would avoid Neo Neon until you hear of better year over year quality control.

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I have 10 sets of their dripping icicles, two of the sets rusted while in DRY storage in my garage this summer. I think they used a corrosive flux when they soldered or something and obviously steel leads. Not good, but at least I only paid 5-6 buck for them. Contacted them regarding the issue.... no response. So, I am personally going to avoid them And the dripping icicles are NOT water proof. I had one string I tested in my mega tree, four of them filled with water, but did keep working surprisingly. The rest are under the eves and out of the rain.

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