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CCP vs CCB light pattern/uses

Ivan Beaver

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I am thinking about adding severla of one of these type devices to my display. I already have 3 CCR's in arches and love them.

I want to make a "half" mega tree up against the side of my house, with 1 strand in each "leg". So 1 unit would make 2 legs.

I was thinking about parachute cord for the backbone of each strand to take the stress off of the cables. Tyraping the cables to the parachute cord. Thoughts? Or better ideas?

The real question is which one would look better? I suspect the bulbs would give out a move omni light pattern How directional are the CC pixels? Do they have to be facing towards the street?

Or why would you use over the other? Same spacing/same number of lights.

Any experience or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Merry Christmas to all

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Your suspicions are correct. CCPs don't have to be facing the street, but they are much brighter if they do.

So what would be the advantage of one over the other (costs excluded)?

My concern with the directionality is trying to get them all facing the right direction-while hanging on a string (so to speak).

I have my CCR tyraped to bent PVC and it works great-easy to get them facing the right direction.

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I wanted to make a marquee type display element. One advantage was CCPs require a smaller hole to insert the bulbs through the Coro when mounting. Since all of the bulbs are locked in place, facing the street, I saved $150 in my setup also. Savings are nice, but not a huge issue. CCBs are probably a better fit for you. It is still going to be a challenge to mount the bulbs.

Here is an example how I used the CCPs;

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