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Wizards in Winter on 4 circles


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I have a "Wizards in Winter" sequence for the 4 circle layout. In the past youtube has not allowed anything with "Wizards in Winter" in it, but they have laxed up on their rules. This time I got a message saying it matched third party content, but it would still be public, it would just have ads on it.

I would like to thank Dennis Cherry for the use of his 4 circles. He took the video and dubbed the sound in and added the intro text and everything. Thanks Dennis!

Here is the youtube link

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Brian, question for you. I seen where when doing the circles you took the CCR's and attached them to the face of the circle. I am thinking it would be easier to just attach them to the outside of the circle and you

would not have to kink them around it. But I wonder how that changes the look. Did you ever try it on the outside of the circles?

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The bend is so slight and all you do is loosely attach the CCR's with small tie wraps at the cut points.

This is the third year using this method and take the CCR's off the circles every year.

Placing the ribbon on the outside you will not see the LED's as the viewing angle is about 120 degrees.

Edited by Dennis Cherry
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