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Several DMX channels dont dim completely


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I got a late start at setting up display due to work schedule. Offshore drilling. I am into my second nite of my show. Anyway, I had everything ready, sequences done along with first time use of DMX universe and LOR network together. Tested all summer ok. No major hiccups jsut the normal learning curves. I am only usning 4 DMX elements this year. They are 4 of the 3 channel DMX modules and an Enttec Pro dongle. All of this works great together.

So, I wait the first nite and start watching the show as it goes thru the songs. First few looked good. Then I noticed on 1 song a spot in the song the fade down to off on 1 of the modules did not go completel off. It stayed dim white for 30 sec's or so during ths time. It did react normal during those time to the other commands, just not complelely off when told to do so.

I opened the sequence on my programming computer and went thru the sequence. I found several blocks of time in the sequence where the 3 associated dmx channels did not go completely off in a ramp/fade down to off. The intensisty stayed a 5-6%. Used the cursor to scroll thru the time line. Had to manually go thru and force those blocks off. I tried deleting say a 3 sec fade to off and re-inserting with the normal commands with the same reults. I had to use th off command.

I have managed to correct my minor glitch on 2 songs out of a tottal of 12 that had this problem.

By they way. Watching the animation window never showed the problem I was having. Everything looked normal.


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Dennis Cherry

The low levels will not show up well in the grids, visualizer or animator.

I have suggested to LOR, could there be some kind of setting option to display low level intensities a different way?

How about the option of a preset max number and add a level number in each grid cell, if zero it has no number.

This would help programming macro settings which may have very low level settings.

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So far I have corrected the problem. A little time consumming to go thru and check each off grid block and verify that it was off. Thank goodness only a couple of songs affected, otherwise everything is running smooth.

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