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1602W - All channels stuck on full bright

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Hope everyone is having a great season. Our display has gotten a ton of word of mouth advertising and the crowds are great.

I'm using 35 1602w's in my show and I'm having trouble with one.

2 nights ago, we had a big rain and tons of GFCI problems so we just stopped the show.

Yesterday, everything dried out and the show went on.

One controller (ID11) was running fine and after a short time, all channels were stuck on full bright.

I reset the power and it fixed it for a few minutes and then stuck on full bright.

I reset the controller, power off, ID00, power on, power off, ID11, power on and had the same trouble.

All lights are the same. each channel has 200 5mm leds.

this controller runs 2- 7 channel leaping arches and 2 from the third one.

We have 6 identical arches, the others are fine.

Any thoughts?

Also, when a controller goes bad, where can I get it fixed?

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Im assuming this is not the last controller in the line? Regardless a few things to check is there is no water left on the board. It can seep in from the back sometimes. Open it up let it dry. If you need too a small fan or a hair dryer on low setting to get as much moisture out as possible. If theres water anywhere on there it can cause some odd things. Get it dry, in the mean time send in a ticket to LOR help desk.

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