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1602 not dimming

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This my second year using LOR and having issues with one controller, with one circuit that appears to just not like the LED's i am using. This circuit is working on its 3rd triac this year. Have 4 strings of LED lights on that circuit with a snubber. Not sure if I am missing something but it is getting aggravating to go outside after the show shuts down to see this happening. I have a couple of spare boards and generally swap out a board and fix the bad one when I have the time. They test fine after the repair but this time it only lasted a day or two. Anyone have any idea what I may be missing?

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Got most of my lights from Action Lighting. These are M5 100 light strings. I swapped out the controller today with my spare, end of show today everything shut down as it should, no stuck lights. Tested the controller that I removed and it is definitely one channel stuck on at about 50%. Plan on changing out the bad triac sometime during the week and try it again. Hope to get through the week without any more issues. Our contest judging is this Saturday an I would like for everything to be working. If the current controller makes it through the week, it's in till after the judging.

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