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Anyone done "Calling All Angels" from the movie Pay It Forward?


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Tried to research the forums but came up empty. My wife really loves this song and I just don't think I can have this done for this years {2012 Christmas} display.

So if anyone has done this song would you be willing to share the sequence. I have the MP3.

I have 80 channels,although not all are used. So any size sequence would do that I could modify to my display.

Thanks to anyone that has done this and would share the sequence.

If this would help any: No, I do not have any RGB or Pixel items. Maybe later down the road.

I have 4 - 3 channel Arches (12 channels)

8 Blowmolds - Waving Santa, Mrs. Claus, 2 Large Red Noel Candles {2 channels each}, 2 Gold Noel Candles, 3' snow-woman, 2' Santa Mouse

1 LED Snowman

1 Merry Christmas sigh {small/incan}

2 - 200 ct LED strands

Didn't count, but aprox. 25 Assorted count LED strands

5 incan Wall Mounted Character/Items - 2 sm candle trios, 1 Snoopy, 1 Santa, 1 Snowman all incan.

4 Wire Frame Deer, one Buck modified as Rudolph so he's 2 channels

1 red LED spotlight

1 green spotlight

7 Red C7 Incandescent Bells

Last count I was using 66 of the 80 channels, but still adding to the display when I find items I may want to add in.

Thanks again to anyone that may share their sequence for "Calling All Angels"

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