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Advice to the newbies and those getting into this hobby:


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It seems like this time every year the forum is filled with hardware trouble, software issues, problems and headaches.

I am running 29 LOR AC controllers, 2 LOR DC controllers, 2 Sandevices E681 and E682, 4 DC power supplies, 3 ELL's. 60,000 incan lights, 30,00 Led's, 12 RGB strips, 4 digital strips, 2000 pixels using LOR and DMX networks.

I started the show 7 days ago and it has run every night without a glitch. Everything is working as it should.

I did have a few problems with pixels and connection with the E682, but I started testing long before the show started and had plenty of time to resolve any issues. I also had to order some replacement pixels that came in time for me to start the show.

So here is my advice:

Start early, order extra and plan ahead! It will take a ton of stress of you during the season and you can relax and enjoy your hard work.

Happy Holiday's!!


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