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I did away with the "channelizer." The purchased sequences are now special "archive" files that can be exported by any license level so long as you do not change them. That way I don't need the channelizer any more and you export the purchased sequences the same as any other sequence. But it does mean that you need a recent copy of the purchased sequence. Let me know which sequences you need and I will send you a download link and activation code to get the new version of the sequence that does not use the channelizer.

Also, do you have the 24CCR license for SuperStar or are you using the free demo version?

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Hi Brian i do have the 24 ccr lic bought the wizards for 12 ccrs over a year ago somehow made a mistake and deleted so if you can send me a new copy i would appreciate it. also one last quick question.when i export a sequence to lor it looks like its playing on computer but no lights light up on tree .been using superstar for well over a year now.now cant seem to get exported sequence to work . but the show i'm running 7 songs all work on the ccr tree any help would be appreicated Thanks again Dennis Laff let me know if you need my email address you have emailed me before if not i'll pm you thanks.

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I will email Wizards in Winter for 12 CCRs to lafffamily@comcast.net

As for exported sequences not working, launch SuperStar and click on the Tools menu and select Configuration. Make sure you have the unit ID and network settings correct.

Also, what version of SuperStar are you running?

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