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Lights On Norfolk


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Sorry for not responding eariler

The GECE's are electrically driven from multiple Sandevices E680 pixel controllers which are listening for instructions via E1.31 issued from the LOR software.

The GECE pixels work just like any other RGB pixels. You have control over color, brightness, and which individual pixels are activated. They just happen to be my choice, but there are many other pixel alternatives out there including LOR's CCP. Of course with CCP, you don't need any non-LOR hardware, it comes turn-key, and ready to go, from LOR

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What did you use to hold lights in archway by front door?

Staples. Those christmas light staples! Those lights were supposed to go on the brick arch, but when it finally got time to install them, I chickened out as they needed to have holes drilled on the inside of the arch to attach the brackets and it was darn too cold.

I might go ahead and drill the holes this summer instead.

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