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Denise Brunner

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Is there a way that I can play a continous loop. What I am trying to accomplish is I have 6 ccrs held horz. During the off hours I would like to display the hours we do our show. I don't need any audio.

I have a "static show" that runs for 1 hr after the regular show. Just a few lights on-with the rotating star on the mega tree actually "moving".

I use the director to play the show. When writing the program I put th eregular show on show 1 and the static show on show 2.

So if I was doing what you want (nice idea BTW), I would write a program that had the station showing and use a "silance" track to fill the audio part.

That is what I do with my late night show-no music-just silence. Works great for me.

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