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Problems getting MP3 Director to schedule show


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Ok, so I built an animation sequence, and it has loops, which I know is a mistake for the MP3 Director (I have the non-mini version), so I will take those out.

However, I setup my show times and everything using the hardware utility, and write that to the SD card. I also put the time setting file on the SD card (the first time I did this, the only file on the SD card was the time setting file).

When I plug the SD card into the MP3 Director, it runs the show continuously, however, never follows a schedule, it just runs and runs and runs, until I unplug it. It is only set to run for 6.5 hours (5:30pm to 11:59pm).

Am I doing something wrong? Are the loops causing it to go all wacky? I've tried setting the time 3-4 times now, and nothing seems to work.

For reference, I have the lastest version of S3 (v3.8, I think), I have the latest firmware for the MP3 Director (which is the newer version with the chasing LEDs on bootup), and the latest firmware for the controllers, which are CTB16D's (Blue version 4.30, I think, recalling from memory).

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