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Can't get my Controllers and Computer to link up


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Hi Everyone

I'm new to this but I have experience with DMX and Lighting in a Stage Setting.

I'm having a problems getting my DIO32 Motherboard, DIO16AC Dimmer, DIO8RLY, IDMX and ShowTime Director DC-MP3.

I can't get them to talk to each other or my computer it seems.

I think the DIO cards are talking to each other because the LED's on the boards are coming on but I can't get anything else to happen.

The USB-485 seems all connected ok to my computer and I can see it in my Device Manager on Windows 7 but when I try to get the LOR Software to find the controllers on the network.

I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong I've tried going into the DIO Motherboard with both a RJ12 and RJ45 cable with no success. I've even just connecting the IDMX controller to see if I could get anything to happen.

So can someone suggest what I should do to try and get it working? I also went looking for a video guide here but there dosen't seem to be one.

Also apologies if I missed a post related to this kind of issue but I spent a while looking and couldn’t find anything that seemed related.

Thanks in advance

Luke :-)

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I hope I didnt miss something up there but remember the first setup is directly from the USB485 to the controller. You can not daisy chain them and setup on the fly. Each controller needs to be directly connected to the USB485 to make sure there isnt any outside interferance and you setup the ID from there. You do this for every controller. As well the controller must be powered up and ready to setup the network ID's.


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