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I have several New Waterproofing 110V~240V 10W RGB Color Changing Outdoor Remote Control LED Spot Lights. I have some that I can turn them on and change the color and I can turn it off and then turn them on or unplug them and they will stay the same color and I have a couple of them that I will change them a color and turn it off and then back on and they will stay the same color but when I unplug them and then plug them back in they will go through all the colors and not stay the same color I changed them to before I unplugged them.Reason why I need them to stay the same color when I unplugg them and then plug them back in is becuase I'm using them in a christmas display and running them through my LIGHT-O-RAMA boxes and when the spot lights turn off in my sequence its like unplugging them from the wall and then turning them back in.Don't know if its the spotlight its self thats screwed up or if there's only special 10w RGB'S that will stay the same color after you unplug them.

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