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PLUS 2007 LOR Class Sequence

Marty Slack

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If you attended the Light-O-Rama Sequencing class at PLUS 2007 you'll remember that I promised to make the sequence we built available. My grown-up job got in the way so it took me a little while. The Sequence File and Audio File are now on my website where they can be downloaded. The sequence file is a "Starter" sequence, so you will be able to adapt it to your own display if you want.

To download the file go to www.christmasutah.com, click on "How To" (or scroll down the page until you see "Marty's How To"), and follow the link to the LOR Files and Tutorial. The sequence we used in the class is the first one listed in the downloads section. I also included the student handout if you need a review.

The tutorial from my Coro class is also there.


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