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mDM-MP3 Help


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As long as it puts out enough voltage through the cat5 daisy chain connection it should work. But if it doesn't have enough oomph, you'll need to power it with an external power supply {wall wart}. All you can do is connect it up via the cat5, run a show from the director on the SD card and see what happens, if it doesn't work, you know there isn't enough power to run it through the cat5 connection and, again, will need an external power adapter for the director.

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Should a CB100D be able to power a mDM-MP3?

On Page 20 of the CB100D manual. I just read it online.

"LOR Network Jacks,

Two RJ45 jacks used to daisy chain this controller into a LOR network. Accessory power is NOT available from these jacks."

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