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Lights on Longhorn - Christmas 2012 - King Julien I like to Move it


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Happy Holidays from Madagascar! My five year old picked this. Have to admit, it was a good pick! Going to tweak this one tonight. The mouth movements came out good, but the lights are a little out of sync at the beginning. Will fix that tonight. And yes, I have done some Christmas music as well. More on that later. :)

The neighbors officialy think i'm crazy. At least we got that out of the way early!

You know they're all thinking...who the hell just moved into our nice quiet neighborhood!


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It's a little out of sync at the beginning.

Fixed a bunch of the sequenced stuff today.

Tweaked a couple things (like the door lights beeing blocked by the trees) Spead em out a bit, but my wife wont let me move them off the step. :) See what i can do in the sequencer

Added two more C5 strings, vertical, on the front of the house for a little more left to right/right to left movement.

Got my brother-in-laws HD cam for a while. Going to try get some better videos when everythings been smoothed out.

I"ll put some of my christmas music up when i can get a decent video.

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