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Lights on Longhorn - Christmas 2012 - Gangnam Style/2 Legit 2 Quit Remix


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We just moved into this house in August. I wasn't going to do a show this year, but my wife wanted some christmas lights up. I decided rather than having a bunch of extension cords, i would just plug everything up to the control boxes. That way i could do some fades, shimmers and twinkles. Well after i got eveything hooked up last week, i decided to do a little sequencing. Recycled my gangnam style from halloween and switched it to the 2 legit remix. After shooting the video, looks like I have some tweaking to do. The doorway was getting cut off do to the angle i shot it at. Have about 5 songs done so far. My county is doing their first ever Christmas light display contest. Thought i would get in on it. How many singing pumpkins do you see at Christmas! The 2 legit breakdown at about 2:30 cracks me up. Happy Holidays eveyone, funkymzk christmas remix style!!! Damn, this is an addicting hobby! Seriously thinking about getting my RGB strips out this week....


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Yeah. I wanted it a little more holidayish as well, just didn't have the time this year. Still a noob. Sure I'll find my happy place with all this soon enough.

Some people have classy displays...

Some technical

I like to think I'm somewhere in the comic relief/court jester category :)

So far the neighbors and friends are getting a kick out of it.

My brother in law let me borrow his HD cam so hopefully I can get a better video of all the songs this year.

I fixed a lot of the "out of sync here and there" stuff today.

Moved a couple things and added 2 C5 strings; vertical on the front of the house.

I wanted a little more left to right / right to left movement without having to always use the snowflakes or wreaths.

We shall see...

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Thanks for the luv everyone! I actually went back this weeekend added a few more lights, and really cleaned up the sequences. The "Move it" video was very out of sync. That will teach me to drink wine while sequencing! Much happier now! Going to try shoot some stuff in HD tonight.

Had a good crowd last night. Pretty shocked acually. Our streets usually pretty quiet, so I guess the words getting around. Actually had some couple w/ their kids ring the door at 5:50 to ask me when it was going to start!

Hey jcastleman! This is a touchy subject from what I see on the forums. To share or not to share! At this point I am not distibuting any sequences. They are really what makes your show uniquely you.

I don't want to people to think I'm being harsh or selfish, but let's just say i've been burnt before distributing digital media and leave it at that.

I am more than willing to offer any help I can with someone getting started. Learned a lot in the last couple weeks. Think the mouth movements are really coming along. Lot's of people want to do it and don't know where to start. I can tell you this, plan on spending at least 6-8 hours in the sequencer just for a single face. Lots of songs have choruses and lyrics that kinda repeat so you can start copying, pasting and tweaking at that point, it starts to move faster. I can knock out a 3 to 4 minute 32 channel song in an evening now, so you do get better with practice. Polishing it after it goes live can take a few more hours as well.

If anyone is really interested i'll make a tutorial at the start of the year. My times limited. I'm a full time IT/Web guy for my day job and do lots of side work. So no promises if I can help this month. But if anyone needs help for the 2013 year, please feel free to PM me and I'll help get you started! I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve now that move things along and really make the face movements look realistic. Plus, Ive met some great people on here who have been very helpful, so paying it forward is the thing to do!

Thanks again for the compliments everyone. They mean a lot!

This hobby rules!


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Just a heads up...I found lots of different versions of Gangnam style online. I used the 2 legit remix to be a little different. You might hunt down a different version then the radio version to keep your show unique!

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Video replaced with this one...

I filmed all the songs tonight. Brother-in-laws HD Cam was a bit better for the house but worse for the faces.

Pretty happy with this one even though it's still with the point and shoot. Got a good sync on the audio in premiere and this one adds the two extra strings on the front of the house. Plus I think I'm ready to call this sequence done. Ironed out a lot of things

I deleted the one on youtube at the top of the post. Would rather have the videos on youtube I'm happy with.

Three more coming...


Finishing up 2 more sequences tonight

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