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Newbie short notice light show questions


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So my lightorama order finally showed up. I have about 2 weeks to get my show put together in time for my xmas party. Due to the limited timeframe all I am trying to accomplish this year is a constantly changing display on the house, the shows with music can wait until next year when I have more time. I've got the LOR1602W with the showtime MP3. I also went way over my head and got 12 CCR's to make a mega tree. ( the star for the top is in the mail )

My first task was to assign unit ID's to the 1602W and each CCR. I used 01 for the 1602 and 02,03,04 etc for the CCR's making sure to switch to the letters after 09. This went smoothly. : ) I think, lol

I'm under the impression that each CCR has 150+ channels, does this mean in the sequencer I have to have 150 channels entered for each CCR or is there just one channel showing for each ribbon for simplicity?

I've already figured out and understand somewhat how to assign channels in the sequencer and all I'm trying to accomplish is get my CCR's entered properly into it so I can just buy some of the pre-made sequences and just insert them into the show. I know superstar is the next level but do I need to upgrade to it for what my limited requirements are this year?

I realize that I'm only a couple days into this and understand the steep learning curve associated with this equipment. All I'm trying to find out is how to properly place the 12 CCR's into the sequencer so when I download a pre made sequence I can just "plunk" it in there, the rest of the lights I'm just going to randomly have on/off and play around with the effects etc with a cool sequence playing on my CCR mega tree at the same time....

Thanks in advance, I realize that this time of year is the equivalent of the superbowl of xmas lights for most of you so if you get a chance to respond to this it would be greatly appreciated.


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The CCR is 150+ 7 macro channels or 50 RGB + 7 marco channels. The best way to add a CCR or any CCD device to your sequence is right click on a channel on the left side where you want to add it….say for you under your 16ch 1602W controller.

  • Now go to Insert Device>Insert Device Below.
  • Name your CCR.
  • Device should already be “Cosmic Color Device”. If not pick it.
  • Leave the “Add as a group” check. I like this feature as it groups all 150 channels or 50 RGB channel into 1 row and you can expand.
  • Choose your Unit ID and Network.
  • Type should be CCR/CCB. (2 string CCP or CCB should be the other option)
  • Resolution: 50 Pixels
  • Channels: Triples
  • Base Unit Mode: Native
  • The String Orientation is you have the option to have #1 pixel closest to the controller or flipped and at the far end of the controller.

You shouldn’t have to change anything except the Name, Unit ID and Network as the rest are “standard” options. After you choose your options, click Ok and now you have the CCR or CCD added to your sequence. Click on the “+” next to the CCR to expand your 50 RGB channels. If you click on the “Red, Green, Blue” box next to each RGB channel, it will expand the 3 colors inside the RGB.

The black row for each RGB channel represents the 3 channels inside the RGB channel. So if you fill in the Red channels inside the RGB channel, the black row will turn Red. But if you add Red and Green, then the Black row will be Yellow becasue the two color mix togethe. There are easier ways to get mix colors by using the Tools. Just telling you how the RGB channels work. The Black row is what your CCR color will be. Each CCR is 50 of these RGB channels so you will need to work on all 50. A little quick tip, if you have the CCR un-expanded where it shows just the one row and you fill in the cell with a color….all 50 RGB channels will be the same. This works great if you’re wanting the whole CCR strip to be the same color. I also believe there is a macro option for this too, but I don’t use macro so I can’t help you with that part.

You do the same thing for all 12 CCRs. Remember that each network (the black USB-RS485 adapter) can only handle a max of 600 to 900 channels (current software version) depending on how busy your sequences are. I personally like to stick with 5 CCR max, but you can have 6 and has been proven. So with 12 CCRs and a 1602W controller….you should have at least 2 networks….maybe 3 if your sequences are really busy. John with LOR stated in another post they will be coming out with an update that has a faster network in a week or so (hopefully). This should help minimize having several networks.


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