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powering ccr and star


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Ok i am trying to figure this out i believe this to be a dumb question but o well im learning

so i have a 6ccr tree and a star from superstar lights

in order to power my 16 channel lor controller i have to plug both plugs into one socket....ill run extension cords from the one plug in on my house out to my yard and plug them both into the controller?

that will power my 6 channel star....

then i will probably have two buy two different cases since my spread off ccrs on bottom wont reach one box.....

so then i need two additional plug ins on my house so i can run one extension cord to one surge protected power strip and plug in 3 ccr and then same thing to the other box....

in total ill be using two outlets and both plug ins on each to power the tree!

that sound correct?


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You should be able to run everything from one extension cord from the house, as long as your lights on the star are all LED.

I built my own star (all LED lights) and it is on a standard 16 channel controller, but I'm only using 6 of the channels for the star, nothing else. I have one power cord going to the LOR controller to a 3-port splitter, two ports are used for the LOR controller and the other has another extension cord going to my first CCR controller. I split the power there and go to the second CCR controller.

I used one power supply on each CCR controller, but I've seen posts where guys have just put all the power supplies that came with the CCR's in a box and put a power strip in there.

This is one of my two CCR controller boxes. I'm running a 12 ribbon tree.



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ok so i guess that makes sense....

in theory......

ill run one exstension cord from my house out to a 2 prong splitter. i will connect one surge protector into one side and another in the other side. i will then connect the LOR controller to the surge protected and then all the ccr power supplies into the rest of the slot on the surge protectors and should have full power if that sounds right....


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