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Got my videos done!

Jim Hans

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Well, I've uploaded all but one of my videos to Vimeo today (I hit my weekly limit so #14 goes up Monday). They can be found at www.vimeo.com/jimhans

This is my first year in this house so traffic has been light but I'm sure it will build over the next few years just as it did at my old place. Now that my show is up and running and the videos are up I plan to start driving around to check out the other displays in the area. As always, I'm open to suggestions.... still looking for what to do with the three pillars out front.

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Nice job with the new display! Bet the neighbors were wondering what was going on if there is nobody doing LOR in your area.

As for the front posts would be a good place to put some RGB pixel strips if you would want to get into DMX and RGB.


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