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Crackers back

james campbell

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Where you been James :P

Yes, Yes….I know I said I wasn’t going to do anything this year. And it is still true. I sequences this song about a month ago thinking I was going to use it at a new location. Well the location never worked out and just thought it was going to waste.

For Halloween I was just going to put pumpkins on the lawn and that’s it. Then I added the CCRs on the house and it sat that way for a few days….and was going to sit that way until Halloween. I guess today something came over me so I put up the faces and a few other items…and recorded it.

There is still no show, but thought I at least do one song and then turn off the lights. Yes, the song is waaaayyyy over played, but in my defense…I sequences when it was just over played :-) lol

Brandon (MtDew4me) has the viral video of this song and did a great job. Let the crowds hang at his house this year!!

BTW, the singing face sync was off at the beginning…it was from lag. Too tired to redo the video.

1700 channels.

Happy Halloween....Kevin

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