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And my favorite new features are:

Tim Fischer

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Since I just posted my top two feature requests - things that I think LOR needs to do better, I felt it only fair to list my two favorite new improvements:

1) Groups. I'm not sure when this was introduced, since I did not adopt S3 last year, preferring to stick with the tried and true S2. But Groups were a life-saver for me this year in attempting to sequence 4608 channels of mega-tree. I had groups for each virtual strand. I had groups making up slices of the tree, for Z-tree effects. The whole darned Mega-tree was one big group.

In the future, I'll be migrating groups into my existing elements. For example, my Merry Christmas sign is all individual letters, but I often want it to say "Merry", "Christmas", or both, all at once. Why not have a group for the whole sign, and sub-groups for each word? I can always open them up and tweak the individual letters if necessary.

2) E1.31 support. This is sort of a no-brainer, since my mega-tree project wouldn't have even been possible without it. Or at least practical... My alternative would have been to use XLights or the ELOR. My experience with the former was less than stellar (I used it to experiment with pixels before LOR's support came along), and the latter would have required me to run numerous dedicated LOR networks out to the mega-tree, as well as a large cash outlay.

Honorable Mention: Sean Meighan's Nutcracker utility.

No, this isn't an LOR product, but it works with LOR. The UI is far from polished, and the product is essentially in beta (if not alpha) state right now, but when it works, it works very, very well. I would have looked into Superstar, but LOR doesn't support generic pixels very well, nor does it support the 4608 channels my tree requires.

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