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Pictures of our display... with a little snow on top...


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I was going to try and get a video last night but had one of the GFIs tripping. And today was warmer so the snow is gone. :( Next time we get some I'll try to grab a couple of the new songs we have.

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Had a White Christmas this year for the first time in... well... since I can remember!


Figured I'd post some more pictures since the snow makes it look so purdy and we added the inflatables since the last set of pictures. Here are some more...


Merry Christmas! santa.gif

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So, here are some pictures with about 14"-16" of snow covering the display.


Those little nubs sticking out of the snow in the front are candy canes.


With loads more pictures here...

http://www.maineligh...as Snow Storms/

We may extend our lighting season due to me not feeling like fighting with the snow to take everything down. biggrin.png

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