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Here is the latest addition to Lincoln Lights. 12500 rgb / 360 meters of dumb strip, 3500 regular lights, one 16 channel LOR, 80 dmx controllers, and my first Christmas doing this. Thank you everyone who was given me advice, insight, and support. Big thanks to Light o Rama, and a big thanks to Dave at Holiday coro. I do not remember wher I got the idea about customizing a outdoor light motion sensor to turn on the speakers, but that idea was a huge help in keeping the peace on the block. Many many many things to remember going into next year. 1st thing.... Start earlier!!!!! I pulled out the hardware sept 1st, and though I am "done", I had to cut out so much of my design and music list to get it done. Also, when doing RGB, stay with the "stronger" "bolder" colors. The inbetween colors do not show as well out side as they do in the visulizer. Though not the final lesson learned, last one I think I should share. Do not add up time or money spent. Easier that way to justify it.

Also, need a better video camera and the leaves to fall off of the tree. My iphone does an ok job capturing it, however, there is plenty of color bleed.

I am working on doing a toy for tots show . Waiting on hearing back from the sgt in charge. I will keep you posted.

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