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I hate Christmas lights thieves!


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I live in a very nice neighborhood... so I had thought!

This year the wife and I opted to help our section of the neighborhoods subdivision entrance (1 of 3). We decorated around the subdivision sign on our entrance.. Some grinch has came by and stole one of the large net lights we had over a section of bushes. My daughter and I had just drove by the display about an hour before my wife & son got home. They came in saying some of the lights weren't working. So as I walked down to the entrance, it was dark on half of the bushes. Someone had taken 1 set of 4 net lights and had another unplugged ready to take....

Now I am going back through my display double checking for all possible things someone can walk off with. Locking control boxes and cable tying them to trees or non-movable items... What a way to start this season! Best thing I bought this year was a camera system that the wife didn't want to invest in. Now she says "good thing we did"....As I look at her and said "It still doesnt stop them from taking others things, It only helps figure out who did what & when!"

I certainly hope everyone has a Happy Holiday & a safe display.

Atleast it was a strand I wasnt using in my display this year!

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It's really sad when someone has to resort to disrupting folks lights or displays. Someone must have either started to drive in or walk by the area before the thief could get any more of the lights off the bushes and run away with them.

May even just be some idiot that doesn't want to spend money for their own lights and they think they are stealing from the subdivisions decorations, not even knowing, or realizing a specific individual or persons donated the lights, and are who set the lights up at the entranceways, not the actual subdivision.

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