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How to post a topic with the YouTube link picture.


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Hi There

I am a complete Newbie and really want the comments of the wise one's on the forum.

I've seen others post their video link to YouTube on here and a box is in the body

of the topic ready to play.

Can anyone advise me how I can do this so that I can get the comments I seek.

Ta very much


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I found this thread when I was having trouble posting a YouTube video here also. I don't think that this thread really answers the question.

To post a YouTube video to the forum with a photo link:

  • Go to the video that you want to post in YouTube.
  • Click on the share button below the video.
  • Copy the direct video link URL. Something like http://youtu.be/QMetPRM9ILE
  • Paste the URL in the editor

In the editor, it will just look like your URL (with no hyperlink). But when you post or click preview, the forum software adds a special code of around the URL that displays the link picture.

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